Hosted in Manchester, UK  & La Manga Mar Menor, Spain

Beyond Retreats; nutrition, brain health, yoga and functional training retreats.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people heal the underlying patterns (both physical and mentally) and become the best version of themselves, using their relationship with food as a healing opportunity to move towards self love and improved lifestyle choices.  


‘Your body is not your masterpiece, your life is’
Glenna Doyle Mumastry




Accommodation & activities


The Retreats




We offer one-day mini-retreats in Manchester and 5-day restorative retreats in La Manga, Spain.  

La Manga:

Enjoy 5 nights in a 5 star beach villa with organic food and juices, amazing supplements, yoga and 1-2-1 psychology and nutrition sessions to bring long term change! With 24 hour support, group meditation, paddle boarding , functional KO8 suspension training, water fitness, cooking classes, nutrition workshops, relaxation, mud spa’s, massage and injury rehab.

These retreats really do cater for everything. Whether you need some real R&R, Meditation, body work and Ayurveda massage to get back into balance, or feel quite energetic and want train, do water sports, get to the bottom of your long term injuries or thought patterns or your strengthen your naturopathic nutritional knowledge. The beauty of these small retreats means each client can tailor their retreat to what would serve them best!

Retreats vary slightly from week to week, some include more brain health and psychological support where Charmain Berry will  work individually with IFS therapy (internal family systems) and group meditation and other weeks have a greater emphasis on functional training, yoga, Pilates and water sports. All our retreats have a strong emphasis on naturopathic nutrition and body work with Nicola Charnock to help heal our systems though food and safe functional movement patterns.


The villa is located in La Manga Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain.

Nearest airport: Murcia International



  • £1,300 per person, based on 2 people sharing a bedroom with ensuite (doubles and twins are available). 

  • £1,650 for solo occupancy of double bedroom with ensuite.


Our one-day retreats are held in our central Manchester studio space and include workshops in yoga, Pilates, breath, nutrition, mindful relaxation techniques, focusing on ways to sooth our nervous system and support the vagus nerve.

You will receive healthy take home recipes to share with your family and friends and exercises to strengthen you nervous system. All retreats include welcome organic juices, vegan protein snacks and an organic buffet. 

Next Retreat Dates:

Dates for 2022 coming soon. 

Land based activities

Water based activities

The First 3 days – Juice, Broth & Nut Milk Gut Cleanse


Click the below image to download our free Retreats and Nutrition  brochure for more information

La Manga Retreats Include:


  • 5 nights, 5* accommodation and full board in a lovely seaside villa

  • 3 days guided gut cleanse with a naturopathic nutritionist complete with practitioner strength supplements, bone/veg broths and nut milks.

  • KO8 Functional training session to strengthen the whole body and improve balance, strength and range of movement.

  • 2 day of delicious meals showing great ways to make quick, tasty dishes packed with gut healing, skin brightening, immune boosting and brain sharpening nutrients.

  • Food, nutrition and supplement workshops daily to support and educate you in achieving your lifestyle goals and improve both you and your loved ones health on your return home.

  • Take home recipes and access to an online support group post retreat.

  • Sunrise/sunrise yoga sessions with adjustments and posture correction.

  • Sunset walks and restorative yoga.

  • ‘Reignite Your Core’ sessions for back, side and front body activation, strength sessions showing correct use and technique.

  • Paddle boarding directly from the back of the villa and pool, sea sessions.

  • Time to relax on a beautiful quiet beech, round the villa pool or in one of the two lounges.

  • Have some well needed ‘you’ time to re-energise and allow yourself the head space to explore new ideas or revisit old ones and decide how to put them into practise on your return!

  • Opportunity to meet new people in a super friendly environment.


Beyond Weight Retreats Packages also include:


  • Private Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation pre-retreat, individual plan and 6 week follow up with Nicola Charnock

  • Private 1-2-1 Consultation with Charmain Berry - Clinical Psychologist and IFS Therapist (Internal Family Systems) 4 individual sessions- 1x pre-Retreat, 2x On Retreat and 1x Post retreat.

  • Group Meditation Sessions


The Art of Eating & Moving Packages:


More emphasis on functional training, yoga and Pilates workshops.

Both Nicola Charnock and Lucie Hoffman will be present in each class for adjustments and posture correction.

Although there is a strong emphasis on Nutrition’s for brain health, there is not the mental support available as is when Charmain Berry on the Beyond Weight Retreats.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage is available with Lucie Hoffman on these retreat dates.


Addition Treatments Available:


  • Full body massage tailored to your individual needs and pressures (not included in prices)

  • Ayurveda Yoga Massage ( Lazy mans Yoga) (not included in price)

  • Assessment & Treatment of Injuries with Rehab Program, Kinesio Taping Available (not included within price)