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Charnock Farm Organic Wellness is a collective of Naturopathic Nutritionalists, Sports Rehabilitators, Trainers and Specialist Masseurs.

About Us

We will work with you on a holistic level, meaning that we consider all aspects of your health. Through our consultations we look at past and present medical history, possible genetic predispositions, lifestyle, nutrition and environment to get to the root of the cause of your injury or health issue. Functional testing may be advised in some circumstances to help reach the best plan of action moving forwards.

Our mission is:

  • ​To get you fitter than you were before the point of injury/health concern occurred.

  • To help improve your lifestyle, movements, nutrition and focus through prevention-focused rehab and bodywork sessions and naturopathic nutrition plans. 

We pride ourselves on giving a support system for families in Manchester, from expectant mums to post-pregnancy, offering nutritional plans throughout, alongside physio, prenatal yoga and pregnancy massage, to baby massage, baby yoga and children's nutrition.

Do you feel like you need a body MOT?

Book on our next Liver and Gut cleanse and boost your healing journey from the inside out.