Nicola who  specialised in back pain and sports injuries for over 15 years, founded CF Wellness Organics to put all her skills into practise under one roof. She combines the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, deep tissue sports massage, naturopathic nutrition,  kinesio taping, yoga and pilates within her treatments and rehab protocols. 

All her treatments are very hands on, making stale, restricted areas mobile once more, and injecting energy and vitality back into the body. During these sessions she will educate you on where the root causes of your problems lie, how to strengthen weakened areas and open areas with limited range to create balance. Nicola has been associated with Manchester United FC,  Sale Sharks, England Rugby and British Swimming. As well as working with pro footballers, rugby players, Iron Men and Olympic swimmers, she has toured with some amazing musicians such as El Divo, Arcade Fire & Depeche Mode and works with the general public suffering with re occurring injuries on maintenance and prevention programs. 


After several years Nicola realised the link between the rate at which the body heals and athletic performance depends not only on treatments, rehab and training protocols, but that of the clients lifestyle, mindset  and nutritional influences.  She has since studied yoga in India and naturopathic nutrition (at CNM London), working with food and plant based supplements to help heal the body and get the best results from their training.  Nicola specialises in Gut Healing to improve the absorption of nutrients, strengthen immunity,  brain health and reduce chronic pain. Through recently having children herself,  she now has an invested interest in spreading the ‘healthy word’ on supporting families through fertility, pregnancy and post birth for both mother and baby. 

In addition, Nicola has a passion for food and cooking.  She loves sharing her knowledge over informal interactive food  workshops and ‘lunch and learn’ sessions at CF Organics. Her retreats have a strong emphasis on nutrition advise and cooking lessons for you to feel totally confident to be able to plan meals to achieve your goals on your return!

Subjects such as:


  • Raw Food Workshops

  • Super Food Treats & Chocolate Making Classes

  • Nutrition For The Whole Family Made Simple

  • Gut and Brain Health & Managing Chronic Pain

  • How To Maintain A Healthy Weight 

  • Sports Nutrition and Supplement Advice 

With her love of food she hopes to inject motivation and enthusiasm into clients to create their own amazingly tasty, nutrient packed meals.  

She provides everyone with recipes for continued support post naturopathic nutrition consultations, retreats or workshops.




  • Naturopathic Nutritionalist (CNM Diploma)

  • Sports Rehabilitation BSc ( Hons)

  • Ashtanga Yoga Teachers ( 200hrs)

  • Sports Massage Diploma (Level 3)