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Gut & Liver Reset. Food Only - 08 July 2024

Gut & Liver Reset. Food Only - 08 July 2024

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Food Only

‘Practitioners Choice Gut & Liver Cleanse’

Choose either 2 or 4 days of nourishing, organic smoothies, juices and healing broths (vegan or bone broths available). Why not wrap your package up with 2 days meal prep to gently reintroduce yourself back into food? We want to give you fresh, seasonal, new food ideas to add to your everyday meals post reset. This is designed by Nicola Pop, a naturopathic nutritionalist who wants to give her clients a ‘juice cleanse’ like no other. She teams the juices and soups with adaptogenic and detoxifying herbs to boost the lymphatics, kidney and liver detox pathways alongside the gut. Nicola includes clients in a support group where she shares with you each day, educational nutrition tips and recipes to easily improve your diet and lifestyle post cleanse …and beyond!

There are 2 types of organic cleanses.

Option 1 / The General Revitalising Cleanse Enjoy 2,4 or 6 days of smoothies, juices and meal prep.

Option 2/ Heavy Metal Detoxifying Cleanse Enjoy 4 or 6 days of smoothies, juices and meal prep which is accompanied by practitioner strength herbs, binders and supplements to draw out heavy metals from the system and leave your organs working far more efficiently that before. With this option you also receive a month’s worth of one of Nicola’s in house Prebiotic Nootropic superfood blends. You pick which ever blend may suit your nutritional wants and needs the most. It is advised to do a minimum of 4 days juice and broth cleansing for the heavy metal detox to be effective.

Head to our shop to browse the 3 Prebiotic Nootropic Superfood Powder Options. Please state your preference in the comments box on your order.

  • Get Up & Go Cacao
  • Calming Cacao
  • Golden Milk with Shrooms & Ashwaghada

NB the heavy metal cleanse is not to be attempted by anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

Whats included in juice and broth day?

1x Get Up & Go Cacao, MCT & Collagen Smoothie

2x Cold pressed Juices (variety of organic seasonal veg juices)

2x Really tasty soups ( made from bone broth or vegan broth)

1x Sleepy Latte with Collagen.

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