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DIY R&R Box- Your 3 Day At Home Gut & Heavy Metal Liver Detox

Due to people enquiring further afield than Manchester and Preston, we have put together the ‘Reset & Restore’ box for those who cannot we cannot physically drop off

daily organic juices.

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The R&R product has everything you need to complete your own

3 Day Gut & Liver Reset at home, along with pre and post cleanse advice

and meal prep ideas.

The box includes: 

  • The 3 Day Reset protocol of how and when you take your  herbs, teas and supplements.

  • Shopping list to make all the lovely organic juices and tasty bone broths

  • Juice & Broth recipes

  • Pre & Post Reset Nutrition  Advice with Meal Ideas

  • 3 Days worth of Reset supplements and herbs

  • 5 Days worth of Nourishing vitamins, minerals, probiotics and adaptogenic superfood powders to help further to restore energy, gut microbiome, liver function and brain health!


You may choose to source your organic juices & bone broths from a local provider. Please ensure they are using organic fruit, vegetables and bones to really  ensure the best results from your ‘Reset & Restore’.


We include 5 days worth of supplements post cleanse to help restore the gut microbiome and the liver. We want you to really solidify the work you have just done during the 3 day Reset. This also gives you the chance to experience how you can compliment your lifestyle thereafter to maintain a happier gut and more efficient liver.  


The liver is precious to us, it’s our vitality. It’s also handy to know it is an emotional organ and as such is affected and made less efficient by increased stress and anxiety. A healthy liver works effortlessly to clean our blood from the everyday chemicals and toxins we are exposed to.  It clears the byproducts we naturally make through every metabolic reaction in the body, which in turn reduces oxidative stress in our system.  A sluggish liver has a detrimental effect on other organs such as the brain, heart, thyroid and reproductive system. 

It’s also crucial for the process of:


  • hormone regulation to support our metabolism

  • healthy weight management

  • reduction in anxiety and brain fog

  • improving mood and concentration

  • promoting recovery from injury and illness

  • reducing those pesky inflammation levels

  • slowing the ageing process

  • strengthening our reproductive systems! 

The R&R box has been carefully designed by Registered Herbalists and Naturopathic Nutritionalists. All the products are practitioner strength and off the highest quality. We actively research the most current products in line with the most recent research to date. For this reason our R&R boxes will keep evolving in accordance to new research - how exciting! 

This is a great opportunity to experience samples of supplements you may have otherwise never known existed and see how amazing they can make you feel. A bit like ‘try before your buy!’


We are all guilty of laying out large investments of several months' worth of supplements, only to find they don’t suit us and have wasted our money and we are back to the drawing board! 

Should you need further support we are always  available to ask any questions as to whether this  is suitable for you and offer alternative options to cater for your specific needs.


Everything is gluten free with the options of

dairy-free, Halal, Kosher and Vegan available.



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What's in the R&R Box? 


Ingredients list & recipes for 3 days' of juices and broths

3 days' worth of herbs, teas and supplements

A further 5 days worth of supplements for post-reset



Want a full month's worth of support? 


It takes us time to get into a routine and you may feel a full month supported with supplements would be the best MOT you can do for yourself. After all it takes 21 days to form a habit and while we are promoting a three day reset to give your system a break from digestion and free up time do a really deep clean whilst over nourishing the body, ultimately we want to improve and maintain our daily lifestyle. Get a full month of post-reset supplements with our Silver & Gold packages.

Want more personalised advice? 


We are also available for Naturopathic Nutrition Consultations, where we look at all the systems in your body and lifestyle. We then create a suitable plan for you to follow and progress your health at your speed. 


Although many health related issues can be helped through improving gut and liver health, sometimes additional support will be necessary to cater for your individual needs. We offer this service for a discounted price of £140 (normal price £180) as part of the Gold package. 



Basic R&R Package 

3 Day + 5 Day Supplements with Nutritional & Meal Prep Advice




Silver Package

R&R Package + 1 Month's Supplements





R&R Package + 1 Month's Supplements 

+ optional discounted Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation & Plan





Want To Know What Exciting Things You Are Putting In Your Body?


Bronze Package


Day Cleanse

(included is 5 days extra supplements post the 3 days reset) 



Herbal Nutrition & Chompers

These have been formulated to soften and aid removal of  the mucoid plaque that builds up over time on the intestine lining. This matter is made up of particles our body has chosen to excrete from our system such as chemicals and toxins . Remanence of this gathers  on our Intestine walls and can be reintroduced into the blood system where it will need to be filtered once again by the liver putting extra stress on the liver and increasing inflammation whilst it is in the blood system. Sometimes this is the reason we cannot get to the bottom of underlying concerns and having a ‘clean slate’ so to speak is really helpful to improve our wellbeing. 

These herbs also  stimulate  lymphatics drainage, support liver clearance  pathways and encourage bowel movements throughout the initial three days and clients often comment on further improvements days and weeks after using these herbs. 

Herbs such as cleavers, artichokes, dandelion, cassava, aloe leaf, tulsi, yarrow, turmeric, milk thistle and  red clover are used within our capsules. 


Magic Clay

A combination of activated charcoal, Bentonite clay, apple pectin, slippery elm, fennel, fenugreek and liquorice.  Designed to draw toxins into itself from the system as it’s it a highly negative compound and pulls positive elements such as medications, toxins and chemicals towards it self to be exited the body. 

This part of the Reset may not be accessible to those on certain medications and can reduce effectiveness of the contraceptive pill so please use protection for the rest of that month.


Adaptogenic Turmeric Latte Mix

Lovely authentic spice mix with ashwagandha to help soothe the nervous system and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Super Nova Living 

An adaptogenic superfood powder, combining cacao, chaga, ashwagandha and red maca. An amazing combination to support brain health, boost immunity, energy levels and regulate hormones during your own self optimisation process!  

Pukka Herbal Tea Assortment 

A lovely array of teas to try and see what suits you the best for different times in the day or depending on how you are feeling or what you want to achieve with your health. 


Calming Night Tea

To aid drifting off into a lovely night's sleep. 





Bio-Kult  - 14 Multi Stain (CONTAIN DAIRY)

To inoculate the gut and promote a healthy collation of different strains of good bacteria to strengthen immunity,  improve digestion of food and uptake of vitamins and minerals. 


Bio-Kult  - Migrea (CONTAIN DAIRY)

To support any nasty headaches throughout the cleansing period and to have a go to in the future instead of headache tablets


Nutri Advanced - Probiotic Plus (Dairy Free) 

Dairy free version of probiotics to help improve diversity in the gut to strengthen immunity,  improve digestion of food and uptake of vitamins and minerals. 


MD Patch – Glutathione Patch

These nifty 8 hour patches improve liver function and detoxification pathways. Glutathione is the master hormone for the whole body but plays a key role in liver function which is ultimately our driver to determine hormone control, blood sugar levels  and the removal of toxic load in the system! 


Designs For Health – B Supreme

The supplement combines high quality levels of our B vitamins already in their most bioavailable forms so the body can use them without having to  waste  energy on breaking them down in the liver beforehand! 


B Vitamins integral for energy pathways, hormone production and balancing, nervous system, heart and brain health. Some people cannot breakdown usual B vitamins supplements or in food as their livers do not have the capacity to break them down into a usable form.


This supplement is far superior to most B Vitamins.  


Designs For Health - Vitamins D Complete

Complete with cofactors to strengthen absorption and ensure balance with the system kept harmonious with A,E and K. Vitamin D need to be present to be able to absorb other vitamins such a Vit C, which is why it gives us such  a boost in energy and feelings while other vitamins and minerals are taking into the body.  It determines how much calcium is released from the pancreas to support bone health, and it works independently to attack bacteria and viruses aggressively as well as contributing to general immune health.


Health Factory – Nano Magnesium

To improve  sleep, support the calmer nervous system,  improve recovery rate and healing throughout the system and promote clarity of thoughts. Supports blood sugar, heart health, weight management,  hormone balance, the nervous system and brain health.


Sun Chlorella

This is basically your insurance policy of super greens, amino acids, and sea algae should you miss them from time to time. Sun chlorella is a far superior form of chlorella, where the indigestible cell wall is already broken down to improve absorption. Nutrients such as iron, manganese, iodine, phosphorus, chlorophyll, biotin, folic acid, vitamin A, K, B2, B5 & B12 are all inclusive. They are a good option for busy people who struggle to juice or get enough greens in daily and are convenient to travel with! 


Silver Package  


Contains all of the above herbs for the three day cleanse, plus one months supply of all the supplements to really support your energy levels, enhance liver detoxification pathways, promote further healing within the system, aid  inoculation of good gut bacteria and boost vitamin D to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation throughout the whole body. 


Gold Package

Includes all of the above plus a 1-2-1 consultation with a Naturopathic Nutritionist to formulate a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan going forwards.