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Get Up & Go Cacao 300g (1 months worth)

Get Up & Go Cacao 300g (1 months worth)

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The best way to start the day, pre or post training or at 2pm to prevent the energy lull and sugar crash around 3pm where we may be tempted to grab a less healthy option.  

Contains a combination of: 

  • Unroasted cacao powder to boost dopamine production.
  • black maca and cordyceps mushrooms to help balance hormones, support the nervous system, boost strength and endurance and feed healthy gut bacteria.
  • Matcha green tea raises energy, mental clarity and space in the mind.
  • D-Ribose boosts energy within 20 minutes without raising insulin or cortisol hormones.

Whether you have a demanding work schedule, are a busy mum or training hard towards a goal, this blend is for you.The mushrooms and 2 prebiotic stains help regulate bowel movements, maintain gut wall integrity to reduce inflammation moving into the system, and support healthy hormone production in the gut wall.

Gains: You will feel happier, focused with clarity, less bloated and energetic with improved digestion and bowel movements, better absorption of nutrients, with no sugar cravings.

Organic Ingredients: Peruvian Unroasted Cacao, Black Maca, D- Ribose, Coryceps Mushrooms, Matcha, Guarana, Inulin derived from Chicory and FOS derived from Artichoke.

Directions: 10g (1x heaped tbs) Get Up & Go blended with your chosen milk and a banana (optional). You can enjoy thus hot or cold.

Ideally use the cleanest non dairy, non soya milk to reduce chemicals, stabilisers, hormones entering the body, effecting gut and hormone health and driving inflammation levels up. 

Blend on its own or make a more substantial smoothies out of it by combining it with half a banana, a tablespoon of oats and 3 walnuts or 3 Brazil nuts for your optimal selenium fix.

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