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Calming Cacao 300g (1 months worth)

Calming Cacao 300g (1 months worth)

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Great way to close the day. This combination of superfood powders aims to support the transition from day to night by moving you into the calmer nervous system and promoting the natural production of serotonin and melatonin. This is a far healthier chocolate option for in the evenings to compliment the natural Sarcadium rhythm, sleep patterns, organisation of thoughts and recovery. 

  • Red Maca root to support sustained periods of sleep.
  • Indica moved you into a meditative like sleep and relaxes the muscles and nervous system.
  • Hemp protein is a great source of magnesium to move you into the calmer(parasympathetic) nervous system, and tryptophan to induce the release of serotonin. 
  • Montmorency Cherry Tart Powder aids the release of melatonin.
  • Cordyceps mushrooms to balance both sides of the immune system, improve the gut membrane to the gut-brain connection. 
Cordyceps, insulin and FOS are all great prebiotics to feed the healthy gut bacteria and support a healthy immune system to reduce inflammation in the body.


Organic Ingredients: Unroasted Peruvian Cacao, Red Maca Root, Ashwaghada, Hemp Protein Powder, Indica Powder, Coryceps Mushrooms, Inulin derived from Chicory and FOS derived from Artichoke.

Serving suggestion:

10g or a heaped tbsp. Serve as a healthy hot chocolate or cold smoothie. Blend with either water or milk, ideally a clean organic dairy/soya free option to avoid the added chemicals, stabilisers and fillers that could increase inflammation, stimulate the nervous system and affect gut health. Optional: Blend with a banana and/or nut butter.

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