Join myself and hubby Paolo at 8.30pm on 14th February where I’ll be teaching everyone who is up for the challenge, a 45 minute relaxing Thai massage routine via Zoom. 


If you have ever had a body work session off me, relaxing may not be what immediately springs to mind, but I will tone things down so don’t worry and I do have some lovely techniques up my sleeve!


Have some lighthearted fun with your partner, friend or a family member. I will go through the routine twice so each of you will have a go. In a time where self care and connections with others appear to be strained and limited, let’s try and help each other out within the bubbles we are in. It’s virtually impossible to get treatment for injuries or maintenance massages and no doubt most of us are working from less than ideal work stations!


Together you could help each other to open up areas of stiffness and reduce those niggling, aches and pains. Massage is a great form of relaxation and detoxification through improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, and helps to lower blood pressure.


It’s also good to know massage supports mental health with the release of the happy head hormone,  Oxytocin (also know as the ‘love hormone’)  which is well researched for reducing anxiety and promoting pro-social behaviour. ️


Have a giggle and enjoy another feel good factor of donating to a great cause, to support the minds of the people of tomorrow! 


All the proceeds will be donated to our local primary school to go towards funding for a mental health provider to be assigned to those that would benefit from a little more one to one care. 


Price : £20/couple

Valentines Charity Virtual Thai Massage Workshop - 14 February 2021



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