R&R Package + 1 Month's Supplements


The R&R product has everything you need to complete your own 3 Day Gut & Liver Reset at home, along with pre and post cleanse advice and meal prep ideas.

The box includes: 

  • The 3 Day Reset protocol of how and when you take your  herbs, teas and supplements.

  • Shopping list to make all the lovely organic juices and tasty bone broths

  • Juice & Broth recipes

  • Pre & Post Reset Nutrition  Advice with Meal Ideas

  • 3 Days worth of Reset supplements and herbs

  • 5 Days worth of Nourishing vitamins, minerals, probiotics and adaptogenic superfood powders to help further to restore energy, gut microbiome, liver function and brain health!


You may choose to source your organic juices & bone broths from a local provider. Please ensure they are using organic fruit, vegetables and bones to really  ensure the best results from your ‘Reset & Restore’.


We include 5 days worth of supplements post cleanse to help restore the gut microbiome and the liver. We want you to really solidify the work you have just done during the 3 day Reset. This also gives you the chance to experience how you can compliment your lifestyle thereafter to maintain a happier gut and more efficient liver.  


Full details can be found on the Reset + Restore page

DIY Reset + Restore - Silver package