People everywhere are using this ‘lock down’ time to seek new ways to better serve themselves and their families. Big changes will be made over the next few months which will mould the paths of many for years to come.  It is coming ever more real that the NHS is strained to say the least.  Bringing awareness to us that now, more than ever is the time to take more responsibility for our own health. If you feel the need for a little help with implementing the nutritional elements within your diet and lifestyle please consider an online consultation with us to put secure your putting your best foot is forward!


The online consultations take between 60-90 minutes. We will spend time looking at the medical, physical, environmental and nutritional aspects of your health both past and present. We look at all the systems in your body to create a clear picture of how your health has arrived at its present state. We look at the possible root causes and make a plan to improve, support and resolve any weaknesses or issues with attainable goals to improve on where your at right now.


These goals will include a food, nutrition & lifestyle plan, movement & exercise adjustments where needed, supplements appropriate for your lifestyle and possible functional testing suggestions if this is deemed necessary to accurately support you.


We offer continued support with follow up appointments to keep adjusting your plans for continuous health gains (at additional cost). 



  • Initial Consultation & Plan £100
  • Follow Up Appointments £40

Online Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation



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