Packed with good quality Protein, Fats and Superfood Powders, delivered direct to your door in Manchester & Lancashire.


All our cakes are designed to be taken as part of a well balanced diet. The cakes themselves are very nutrient dense, packed with good quality protein, fats and superfood powders.


The high levels of cacao within each cake is designed to support the dopamine pathways in our heads, this is where our happy hormones are made!


All our raw protein cakes can be kept in the freezer for up to three months. Realistically they won’t last that long though! Remember, nuts don’t freeze, they just stay fresh.


Store in the freezer, and chop up into portions dependent on your nutritional wants and needs. Should you be on a calorie or macro controlled program, easy to read nutrition charts, complete with the fat, protein and carb contents in each cake are provided below.


You can then tailor the sizes you wish to cut your cake in to achieve your goals.


All cakes are sold as 19x31cm 1kg blocks priced at £38/block. ​ Y


ou can choose 1 flavour, or opt for 1/3 of each option, or 2/3 and 1/3 - a bit like ordering a pizza!


Levels of Raw health: 1/ starter level 2/ medium 3/ hard core healthy


1. Calming Cacao Brownie (to make this a chocolate orange brownie please leave request in notes at checkout)

2. Bodhi FlapJack

3. Clever Cakes​ ​


Deliveries are on Mondays and Fridays to Manchester and Lancashire postcode areas.


All orders must be in by 8pm the previous Friday for delivery on Mondays, and by 8pm the previous Tuesday for delivery on Fridays.


All cake descriptions, ingredients and nutritional information can be found on the Raw Cakes page.

Raw Protein Cakes - Full Block, 1/3 each flavour