Out with the old and in with the new! Quite literally in this case. You will be cleaning ‘slates’ in terms of gut, liver, kidneys and blood.


The initial 3 day intensive juice and broth retreat is a reset, rather than a way of life. That said you will pick some handy nutritional, cooking & movement tips up through this process that you will carry forward in your daily lifestyle rituals. This is the platform to clear away sluggish matter that is holding you back on a physical, emotional and mental level. Then you can build on your clean slate, a healthier way of life.


You will be using practitioner strength supplements and herbs throughout to promote movement of by products, metals, chemicals and toxins that may have been trapped in your liver for years. Your liver is your life force, your vitality, your energy. If this is compromised, weighed down or tired, a knock-on effect happens within the body. For example, there’s a direct link between blood sugar control and liver health. There is a triad of issues that can arise between the reproductive, endocrine glands (thyroid & adrenals) and the liver. Issues such as PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, PMS, inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, brain fog, headaches, hormone imbalances to name but a few.


Your liver, gut and skin are all connected, for example our skin gives us a visible sign when something may not be quite right inside.  While we appear to have a bit more time, bring your awareness to yourself, listen to your body and hear what it’s telling you, it’s probably screaming at you!


During days 1-3 juices, bone broths (or vegan broth), herbs and supplements are delivered to your drive daily in the Preston or the Manchester area (following appropriate social distancing).


If you choose the 5 day cleanse option, days 4 & 5 will slowly reintroduce nutritious foods, giving examples of what you could be incorporating into your meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with extra supplements and herbs to do their good work for just a little longer!


We pride ourselves on fabulous meal prep to inject you with motivation and excitement to catapult you into a renewed way of eating! 


To really offer support we also offer access our private Facebook group, Beyond Holistic, where we give advice on naturopathic nutrition and offer regular food workshops, posture related and functional movement based sessions and breathwork.  Our mission is to continually support clients and give them the knowledge and security in knowing ‘the art of eating, moving, breathing and being’.  Many questions may arise during this reset period, so it’s always handy to have a safe, support group for you to call on with any health related questions as and when thoughts come up.


The liver and intestinal cleansing herbs and the detoxification Herbal Shake are designed in-house with the help of herbalist Caroline Daniel. These herbs draw out and ensure safe removal of toxins from the liver, blood and intestines.


The juices and bone broths are designed by Naturopathic Nutritionist, and massive foodie, Nicola Charnock to over nourish the system and give it every opportunity to heal!



  • 3 fresh organic juices and 2 gorgeous soups each day, made from either organic bone broths or vegan broths.
  • Herbal teas
  • Adaptogenic super food powders
  • Practitioner strength supplements to complement the juice and broth
  • Nano magnesium 
  • Herbal bomb
  • Gut Busters and Gut Buster Lights 
  • Glutathione Patches
  • Epsom salts

3 Day Heavy Metal Detox, 13-15 Sept 2021