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Our Three Raw Cakes

We’ve been making more and more of these cakes over the past few months. As Christmas gifts I’ve been giving my Body Work & Nutrition clients mini-samples, which have been really well received!

I feel like I’m on a mission at the moment to encourage a healthier view on how to celebrate cake and chocolate. I’m sure lots of you will have a small party with me, in the knowledge that chocolate is blooming great for us and is, in fact, a superfood!

Our gut, brain, nervous and immune system are supported by the mere presence of cacao. The problem with commercial chocolate is that they tend to be combined with sugars and neurotoxins that affect the body and mind negatively.

This is great in terms of getting us hooked and craving more but the hard truth is there is little actual cacao in these ‘chocolate’ bars. Our brain recognises there is cacao present, and that it is a superfood it needs to function properly, but the levels are so low that your body craves more and more of it. Hence why, when we have milk chocolate, we want to eat the whole bar and then some! When we have dark chocolate though, we are satiated after just a few squares.

The sugar and chemicals within some chocolate bars drive the ‘want’ for more, meaning we are eventually hooked and reeled in by the chemicals and sugars, not the cacao anymore.

What can we do??

I’ve noticed when working with children, they absolutely love the smell of raw cacao; their eyes light up with excitement and energy as their brains recognise the super food. But their taste buds tell them a completely different story! Chemicals and sugars block our taste buds, desensitising us to the wonderful tastes in our food. It’s sometimes hard for you and your children to stop sugar and chemicals in one swoop so I’m suggesting to you:

First remove the nasty chemicals, stabilisers, E numbers and sweeteners first, whilst still allowing some natural sugars into your diet, such as honey, date, coconut blossom and vanilla. Opt for more chemical-free, organic, dairy and soya-free options.

But that isn’t always easy, so go for one initially that says organic and doesn't contain ingredients that you can’t actually pronounce! My general rule of thumb is, if you cannot easily say out loud, don’t eat it! The chemicals will start to leave the body and your taste bud will become unblocked and cleaner. This is when the real taste of cacao will be enjoyed, just like when the kids smell it!

Now we can start to reduce the sugars gradually. Eventually your family can be enjoying raw cacao and all it’s amazing gut, brain, nervous system and immune benefits till the cows come home!

It’s hard to find products that contain no soya, dairy, sweeteners, stabilisers or weird chemicals that we can’t pronounce. This is why I feel so passionate about our Raw Cakes. I want to help bridge this gap, so you can just worry about spending time doing the things you enjoy with your family, not looking at ingredient lists - that’s my job!

Our cakes come in 3 ‘levels’ and all have high amounts of cacao in them. They are all Organic, Gluten Free & Wheat Free, Vegan & Soya Free.

The introductory level is the Calming Cacao & Goji Berry Brownie, which is slightly sweeter than the others to help support that transition to healthier options packed with superfoods and nutrients such as magnesium and ashwagandha that promotes calmness.

Fancy trying some of our new Raw Cakes for Christmas?

Check out the Clever Cakes in our online shop for info on all three options and how to place an order. Order by EOD Tuesday 15 December for delivery on Friday 18 December. Order by EOD Friday 18 December for delivery on Tuesday 22 December.

New Year dates:

Order by EOD Tuesday 29 December for delivery on Thursday 31 December 2020

Order by EOD Friday 1 January for delivery on Tuesday 5 January 2021

Order by EOD Tuesday 5 January for delivery on Friday 8 January 2021

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