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The Sting In Spring. A recipe for Nettle Tea.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

With Spring, brings an abundance of nettles growing wild in out countryside.  Use gloves or a bag to pick them next time your out walking or doing your weeding in the garden.

I, like many of us love using nature to help nurture my health. There is a real sense of empowerment by just nipping out into nature, to pick myself the ingredients for a lovely herbal tea. It’s also quite nice on the pennies as well!

One benefit of nettle tea is supporting seasonal allergies such as hay fever which happens more so in spring. Its super interesting that when we connect with source (nature), we realise more and more, she gives us the solution to counteract the problem. Dock leaves are always close to nettles which take the sting away. Nettles come on spring when pollination is high and hay fever is rife!

Handle with care, use the flat leaf to pick them to avoid being stung. Pop them in a cup and steep for a couple of minutes to allow the goodness to infuse into the water.

Benefits of Nettle Tea

  • Nourishes the respiratory system through supporting asthma, seasonal allergies and hay fever.

  • Supports the kidneys & gall bladder.

  • Support liver health & aids in detoxification of the body.

  • Relieves tension in the cardiovascular system by lowering systolic blood pressure.

  • Promotes calmness and reduced anxiety.

  • Improves milk production in lactating mothers.

  • Supports prostate health.

  • Relieves cramping & bloating especially during PMS.

  • Reduces gout symptoms and relieves joint pain and arthritis pain.

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