John has been practicing shiatsu since 1993 since graduating from Bristol school of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine with a Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy.  After completing this three year course John gave up my job in electronic engineering and began a professional shiatsu practice.


John’s work focuses on whole body treatments, balancing meridians, relieving stress, restoring balance and helping clients find and experience deep relaxation.  Shiatsu benefits many conditions especially those underlying stress and tension.  Recipients report improved sleep, greater ease and release from pain.  Shiatsu boosts the immune system, rousing the body’s natural defense systems so that existing problems are reduced or resolved and future ones less likely to occur.  


John is also a certified chi-gong instructor, available for private one to one sessions and groups.  He is also a certified Kambo practitioner and sweat lodge and native American spiritual dance facilitator.

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