Anti Inflammatory Digestive Elixir

Anti Inflammatory Digestive Elixir

Our infamous digestive elixir recipe that features in our gut and liver cleanses! 

- Handful of fresh turmeric grubs
- ⁠5cm block of fresh ginger
- ⁠50ml Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil
- ⁠3x Organic Lemon
- ⁠3x Large Organic Oranges
- 1/2 tsp Cayanne Pepper⁠
- ⁠2x tbs Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)

Juice peeled turmeric, ginger and lemon. Add to the juice, olive oil and ACV and a pinch of cayenne pepper. This makes lots in one time, then freeze in ice cube trays so you aren’t making them every day. Either let the cubes defrost naturally or add hot water for warming elixir virsion.

No juicer ? No Problem
Simply add all the ingredients to a blender with 100ml filtered water and seive the bits out by lining your strainer with a piece of cloth.

1. Brilliant in a morning to help awaken the digestive fire in your belly in preparation for the food ahead. It stimulates our digestive enzymes to help break down your foods properly in your stomach and avoid feeding bad bacteria deeper down in the intestines. This is a major cause of bloating and constipation!

2. ACV (with the mother) is a prebiotic along with the ginger to help feed the good bacteria, so it wants to ‘set up house’ in your intestines.

3. The cayenne will increases the absorbtion of the turmeric which is a huge anti inflammatory and a key player in liver detoxification.

4. The combo of citrus and oil boosts a serge of bile to be released, aiding liver detox and break down of fat soluble vitamins for better nutrient absorbtion. Bike also lubricates the stools for those that are abit sluggish!

5. A great source of vitamin C from a food source.

What does all this mean?
Your immune system will be stronger, meaning your inflammation levels will reduce and catch less bacterial infections. You will have a healthier level of hormones made in the gut wall as you good bacteria thrives. This combination may help you feel more focused, with less brain fog and reduced aches and pains. Your skin may also start to look clearer, brighter and less puffy.

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