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Online Holistic Wellness & Weight Loss Club

The Art of Eating, Moving, Breathing & Being



This is a pioneering holistic support

programme that truly goes BEYOND,

into the multi functional facets that encompass holistic health & wellbeing.  



Why join us? 

There are so many support groups, apps and clubs available online. Most specialise on one element of health, whether that be Naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle, breathwork and meditation, yoga, pilates, functional movement, short high intensity or endurance exercise. But… the truth is we need aspects of all the above to truly nourish and strengthen our entire system. Our bodies are truly amazing when all the systems in the body are working optimally and there are quite a few! This is where we come in.  We look at the obvious weight, heart and respiratory health, but then move BEYOND into the nervous & immune system, brain, gut & skin health,  reproductive, endocrine and skeletal system. 


Although single approaches can produce results, long-lasting change can be difficult to maintain without support and the education to really know how to take responsibility for our own health and at last be in control!


For long term sustainable change we need to work with our whole being and we do this by combining together safe functional movement, Naturopathic nutrition, sound healing, mental wellness and belief systems through IFS therapy and lifestyle techniques to improve breath and find peace with our inner critic and the choices we make.


Beyond Holistic combines a community of expert practitioners who fully understand the deeper aspects of health, who feel passionate about sharing this information to help people reach their full potential through ‘The Art of Eating, Moving, Breathing & Being.’





The Programme




We will support you via a members-only private platform. This platform will give you the opportunity to ask health related questions and make your progress and support more tailored for your individual needs.  Depending on your reason for joining us, we may encourage specific home tests for accountability and as a motivational tool. It’s always good to see that your efforts are being well received and correlate with your improved health. Tests such as body composition, blood sugar control and blood pressure being the simplest, moving onto more functional testing such as looking at vitamin or mineral deficiencies, hormone, cortisol and inflammation levels right up to DNA tests. We can then offer support based on these results. 

 A list of suggested equipment to purchase will be emailed to you on membership registration. This is totally your choice and not essential.  


Encouraged Initial Tests:


  • Resting Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

  • Detailed Composition Reports

  • Blood Sugar Control


What is Included in the Basic Package:


  • A timetable of events will be released weekly.

  • 2x posture-based workshops/week combining pilates, yoga,  functional movement & breath.  Sessions will be recorded and posted on the private group to refer to and repeat.  

  • 2x HIIT sessions/week.

  • 1x cooking demo/wk with advice from our naturopathic nutritionist, Nicola Charnock to ensure nutritional needs are met.

  • 1x sound journey/week, with the extremely talented Neil Davies to explore the gateway of music to a deeper state of  relaxation.

  • 1 talk per month on specific topics such as sleep hygiene, breath, chronic pain and inflammation, management of back pain and rehabilitation, infertility and hormone imbalance,  natural ways to support diabetes, nutritional and physical ways to manage anxiety, depression, altered moods state and lack of concentration. We will have anti ageing, natural beauty remedies and help with managing problematic skin, liver & gut health. These topics will be dictated by member requests and can be tweaked accordingly.

  • Our psychotherapist & energy healer Charmain Berry will be doing 1 sessions per month on IFS Therapy (Internal Family Systems Model) to allow us to understand why we have certain beliefs and make friends with our inner critic! Charmain will cover topics such as emotional eating, understanding the psychology of addiction, belief systems and getting to know our inner child!

  • There will be two windows of opportunity each week to ask our therapists any burning questions, whether that be mental, physical or nutritional (Mondays 7-9pm and Thursdays 10-12am).  As member numbers increase the length of on-screen support time will increase to meet demand. 

  • Ongoing support with motivational tips for you and the whole family.


Usually £22/month

but currently FREE if you sign up to our newsletter

via the form on our homepage!



Optional Extra: Bespoke Naturopathic Nutrition, Movement, Mental Wealth & Lifestyle Plans


You may decide you want a more tailored plan to suit your wants and  ends. We are all specialised therapists currently working in our chosen fields.  We can arrange private consultations, whether that be body therapies, help with diet and nutrition, exercise or mental health support. This would be an additional cost.


The beauty about Beyond Holistic, is we are all working under one roof, cohesion between therapists means we can give seamless support,  thus seeing faster, more sustainable improvements!