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Naturopathic Nutrition

Nothing beats a well-balanced diet, but sometimes our little gems are a wee bit choosy when it comes to eating a varied diet with multiple textures and colours.

Deficiencies at a young age can have serious consequences throughout life so it’s important to give them the best possible start. We support through Nutrition and Lifestyle from initially thinking about creating your own family by addressing both male and female health. We are with you through pregnancy, to newborns and beyond. Helping families to support their precious little bundles, grow through their developmental years and move into healthy happy adults both mentally and physically.


We want to help you with:

  • Fertility and a Healthy Pregnancy for mother and baby

  • Supporting mothers overall mental, physical and nutritional wellness post pregnancy

  • We also support and treat skeletal injuries such as back, neck and pelvic pain or sciatica pre, during or after pregnancy

  • Newborns with skin, gut and sleep problems

  • Behavioural difficulties such as autism and ADHD, seizures and food sensitivities 

  • Help children and adolescents through each of their growth spurts and hormonal changes where they may need extra help with their skin, reproductive, energy levels, sleep, digestion, motivation, concentration and mood.

We formulate our individualised plans on a case by case basis. Taking into account past and present medical history of the individual and their related family members. We look at diet, lifestyle, mood alongside each system in their body. We make a step by step plan to work on areas you most want to improve on gradually and support throughout with follow up meetings. We combine naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle with Functional Testing. In many cases looking at symptoms alone are not enough. We encourage further testing where necessary to reach a true picture of what is going on within the body. We can then offer accurate protocols for effective results. 



We also work in conjuction with Paediatric Cranial Osteopaths, Reflux Specialists and Doula's.


Cranial Osteopathy - Coby Langford


Certified Reflux Specialist - Faye McCormick

Rather than just treating symptoms with medication, Faye looks at the reason why!

Sometimes its digestive, sometimes its tension, air, tongue tie, formulas, bottles, pregnancy.. the list goes on. 

Basically Faye looks at EVERYTHING from start to finish to help parents address exactly the cause of your babies reflux.


Childrens Initial Nutritional Consultation (60 minutes) £150

Childrens Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes) £75

Adults Initial Nutritional Consultation (60 minutes) £200

Adults Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes) £100

We have a new offering of a 15 Minute Express Supplement Advice Call. It’s a minefield of information with what supplements we should all be taking or giving to our children. Sometimes we are just wanting a little guidance on the best supplements that would suit us at this present time. 

If that sounds like you, book in for a quick chat with Qualified Naturopathic Nutritionalist, Nicola Charnock who relishes in research on the effectiveness of certain supplements. This means that you don’t need to, leaving you time to get on with something you enjoy doing with the kids or enjoying your chosen hobbies. 

With this call you will receive a suggested supplement list after the call and 10% off supplements ordered through us. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a substitute for a full nutritional plan and Nicola will not be giving any written nutritional or lifestyle information within these 15 minute chats. 

Adults Express Supplement Advice Call £40

Childrens Express Supplement Advice Call £40

To book, call or email Nicola on:


Book an Express Call
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